Fort St. John RCMP reminding motorists on dangers of distracted driving

RCMP note that when you’re travelling at 50 kilometres an hour, even though a second or two may not seem long, you are travelling at a rate of 14 metres per second.

Fines for using a hand held device run at $167 dollars. If you happen to be caught texting or sending an email, you will also receive three penalty points in addition to the fine.

Motorists are advised if they have a call while driving that they should let the call go to voicemail or pass the phone off if travelling with a passenger. If you do take the call, pull over on the side of the road before answering, and be sure to focus on the road at all times as studies indicate drivers lose 50 per cent awareness while taking a call while driving.

Other devices such as GPS, and mp3 players can’t be handled while driving either.