Knights of Columbus Flyers hot with four wins in three days

The team got things rolling in their first game with a big 10-2 win over the West Yellowhead Rockies. Goals were scored by Jacob Lang (4), Adam Bowie, Thomas Pope, Teagan McMullen, Jeridyn Loewen, Andrew Travis, and Aiden Craig-Steele. Assists in the contest went to Austin Crossley, Kolton Leslie, Adam Bowie, Aaron Kosinsky, Brayden Davis, and Peter Davis.

The first of two games to take place on Saturday was against the Brazeau Park Saints and the Flyers took a 7-2 win. Goals were scored by Aiden Tegart (2), Kolton Leslie, Jacob Lang, Andrew Travis, Adam Bowie and Teagan McMullen. Assists went to Brayden Davis (2), Adam Bowie, Aiden Tegart, Aaron Kosinsky, Jacob Lang, Kolton Leslie, Thomas Pope, and Jeridyn Loewen.


The second game on Saturday against the Spruce Grove Saints was a much closed affair than the previous two games but the Flyers still prevailed with a 2-1 win. Scoring in the game were Aiden Craig-Steele, and Austin Crossley. The lone assist went to Aiden Tegart.

The final game of the weekend was against the Stoney Plain Saints. The Flyers capped off the weekend with a 7-1 win. Goals were scored by Jacob Lang (3), Thomas Pope (2), Austin Crossley, and Teagan McMullen. Helping out with assists were Adam Bowie (2), Teagan McMullen (2), Austin Crossley (2), Tanner Sandberg, Kolton Leslie, Peter Davis, and Thomas Pope.

Next for the KOC Flyers are two games on home ice. First they’ll take on the Peace River Sabres at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, and that’s followed by a game Sunday at 11:45 a.m. against Whitecourt.