School District 60 releases amended budget details

The amended budget is one of three budgets put in by School District 60 every year. The first is the preliminary budget which is the best guess of the district for projected enrolments and revenue which is done at the end of June. After the enrolment figures are in at the end of September the projected revenue for the district either increases or decreases and the district is then asked by the Ministry to amend the budget.

Secretary Treasurer Doug Boyd says increases in enrolment have led to an estimate of a lesser loss for School District 60.


“As we amend our budget we go through a process by which we look at how we can match our revenue and expenditures as close as possible. In recognizing the preliminary budget we were facing a $1,500,000 use of our reserves,” he explains. “We are now looking at our new budget and that’s down to about $441,000 because of increased enrolment and conservatively looking at our expenditures and tightening up those expenditures.” 

Boyd emphasized however that the figures are indeed estimates at this point in time, and notes if unforeseen circumstances dictate a higher use of expenditures, then that figure will change.

The final budget will be tabled on July 31.

Regarding the upcoming decision regarding transportation fees, the recommendations by School District 60 have been brought to the Technical Review Committee and the committee may meet formally this week. School District 60 is expected to hear back “shortly” for further feedback on the issue.