Third annual Crystal Cup a great success

President of the Crystal Cup Neil Evans says the event went very well and the teams taking part enjoyed the tournament.

“The weekend was phenomenal to sum it all up. We had the 40 teams and a few extras were able to get in with cancellations and forfeits,” he says. “This year we incorporated music on scene along with a large gardens area and a kids tourney. All the players had a good time.” 


Evans says the tournament got started when High on Ice organizers wanted to shift the demographic of the weekend.

“The Crystal Cup concept got started way back in the fall of 2011 when the High on Ice Winter Festival wanted to incorporate a target audience of 19-35 year old males. It was put in my court to develop a shinny hockey tournament, something smaller in town,” he explains. “We took it into our own hands. Myself, I grabbed an executive team and we developed what is today the Crystal Cup out here at Charlie Lake. It’s a lot bigger I think than what everyone expected.” 

Members of the RCMP were on hand at the end of the event to present the winning teams with their trophies.

“Having the RCMP present it [the Crystal Cup] makes it a little more official, and a little more awesome of course for the teams and the spectators. We very much appreciate them showing up.” Evans says.

The top five finishers for the 2014 Crystal Cup include:

The Ace Holes (1st Place)
The Frozen Members (2nd Place)
The Griffins
D&D Soft Covers
Lucky Ice Holes