Community Awards Nominees Announced

This year’s event, the 7th annual, will take place April 10th at the Lido Theatre.

In a release from the City, it says the awards “celebrate the talents, dedication, and generosity of our outstanding citizens, businesses, athletes, and volunteers who have contributed greatly to life in Fort St. John.”


The nominees for 2014 are:

Cultural Person of The Year:  

Brian Kirschner, Sandy Troudt, Tony Atkins, and Yolande Harrison.

Humanitarian Award:

Faisal Rashid, Bob Corbett, Bruce Kosugi, Denny Morrison, Dr. Richard Moody, Dr. Willie Watt, FSJ Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers, FSJ Red Cross HELP Volunteers , Louise Nadeau, Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT), Rosolynn Kalb, Shayla Faminow, Vance Dancy, and Winter Warde.

Recreation Person of the Year:

April Stewart, Chantelle Yates, Clinton Green, Crystal Cup Volunteers, Darlene Jakubowski, Eliza Stanford, Jason Atkings, Karen Cranston, Pat Ferris, and the Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club Trail Groomers.

Literacy Award:

Fort St. John Public Library and Mario Tenisei

Youth of the Year:

Eliakim Paracuelles, Mustafa Faisal, Steven Sadownik, and Shayla Faminow.

Mayor’s Citizen of the Year:

Ken Lane, Denny Morrison, Lori Slater, Troy Henderson, and Rory Henderson.