Gap in Fort St. John gas prices

This was an eight station monitor and it showed the Husky outlet on Alaska Road south flying solo now with the low end price of a dollar 26, point nine cents a liter.

 Five other outlets—including the two Shell stations, Chevron, Esso, and Safeway—were now at the high end price of a dollar 38, point nine, making it the most common posted price.


 However, the two PetroCan outlets had backed away from that price, and they had fallen back, to a dollar 34, point nine.

Meantime, according to Gas Buddy dot com, only the Husky outlet was below the provincial and national averages which were a dollar 29 point one, and a dollar 30 point nine, respectively.

Again we note, this monitor was taken at a time when the price of crude oil had surged forward by more than two dollars a barrel, and was within about 30 cents of 105 dollars U-S.