HELLYEAH excited for Dawson Creek return

The band has been very busy as of late. Bob Zilla and Greg Tribbett are no longer with the group, while Kyle Sanders comes on to tackle the bass guitar. HELLYEAH has also been in the studio recording their new album “Blood for Blood” which is set for release on June 10.

Guitarist Tom Maxwell says he is most proud of the upcoming album and thinks fans of the band will be in for a treat when it is released.


“We’ve gone through some personal stuff with some other members of the band and we parted ways with them right before recording it. It was only three of us who essentially who wrote and recorded and made this record along with our producer,” he explains. “Expect the most brutally honest HELLYEAH record to date. It’s by far my favourite. I think this is the record that everybody has been waiting for.”

He adds that those that have listened to the record are surprised to hear it’s the same band performing.

“It’s honest. It’s very heavy on all counts. It can be the heaviest song sonically and riff wise to the most heaviest song emotionally and not your typical metal song. Its got a lot of different looks. Everybody that has heard it so far can’t believe it’s the same band. We took it to another level on this one.”

HELLYEAH will be touring with Avenged Sevenfold and Dawson Creek is the first stop on the tour. Maxwell says the band puts on a loud and energetic show and is looking forward to the Dawson Creek crowd once again.

“They’ve been friends of ours for a long time. We’ve toured with them in the past and they asked us to come out on this tour with them. It starts in Canada in Dawson Creek and it’s a good blend. We’re a very live element band. We bring a lot of high energy. It’s loud and very tight. We don’t come in with a lot of production with dragons and monsters coming out. It’s just the band. You see our amps and we’re killing it. It’s going to be a good mix. I think the fans that have never seen us before, it’s going to be pretty overwhelming for the first timers. We played Dawson Creek last fall it was our first time ever there and we were really blown away by the crowd and how enthusiastic and wild they were. We’re looking forward to coming back. 

Kyle Sanders joins the band to take over the bass guitar. Maxwell says aside from bringing new, positive energy to the band that Sanders is very talented in his work and fans should expect him to fit right in.

“Kyle is a great human being first off. We’ve known him since 2007. His old band Bloodsimple toured with HELLYEAH a bunch during our first album cycle and that’s how we got to meet him and know him. He’s a great talent and a great bass player. His brother is also one of the singers for Mastodon so he comes from a very musical family. It’s going to be his first tour with us as part of the band and I think fans can expect him to fit very seamlessly. He’s a great player. He brings a lot of energy and positive vibes to a situation that was much needed.”

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