March Oil & Gas Rights Sale

It resulted in a bonus bids total of 19 point eight million dollars—five point six million less than last month—and less than 50 percent of the March sale last year, which was just over 42 million.

It also left the total for the first quarter of this calendar year at 52.6 million, and that’s now slightly behind the total for the first quarter of 2013, which was 56 point seven.


19 of the 23 parcels offered yesterday were purchased, with average price per hectare at $1,854.

This sale also marked the end of the fiscal year, and the twelve month bonus bid’s total was 220 point five million dollars, about four million less than the 2013 calendar year.

However, it’s worth noting the total nearly doubled the previous fiscal year total of 115.2 million.

The next sale will be April 23rd.