Teachers set to strike starting Wednesday

Union President Jim Iker says it means teachers won’t attend meetings with management or supervise students outside of normal class hours.

He insists there won’t be immediate disruptions as teachers will be in the classrooms continuing to teach their students, and report cards will be written.


However, the Provincial Principals and Vice-Principals Association doesn’t appear to be on the same page .

Noting administration will now be responsible for all supervision outside the classroom, President Shelley Green says, schools will not function as normal, and the dispute needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.

However, Mr. Iker has stated the government and the employers association continue to demand concessions while ignoring the BC Supreme Court ruling on class size, composition, and staffing levels.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender says he’s disappointed with the strike notice, but adds perhaps the B-C Teachers Federation can now turn it’s attention to real bargaining.

If matters escalate, to stage two job action, that would involve rotating strikes.