Council approves changing of Chances from gaming centre to casino

The approval comes on the heels of a positive public response to the proposal during a public hearing that was held on April 14. At the time Ryan Pomeroy, President of Pomeroy Lodging spoke at the hearing and said the change will increase employment at Chances by 30 people. 

The only one in opposition at the public hearing to the proposal was Area C Director Arthur Hadland who said, “Gambling is known to be an addictive force that impacts 10 per cent of our citizens. I believe that its impacts are worse than tobacco or alcohol in its long term harm to children, families and our senior population.”


That point was countered by representatives from Lottery Corporation as they said in the most recent provincial survey problem gambling affected less than five per cent of the population. 

Chances hopes to have the new services up and running in approximately three months.