Duncan Wilson gearing up to claim Fivestar Fight League Welterweight Title belt

Wilson says he’s never fought at 170 pounds before and was initially worried about making the change.  He’s happy with how his training has progressed in helping him meet the weight and sharpening the skills for his title fight.

“Training has been going great. Work has slowed down for me a little bit so I’ve been able to train quite a bit more than I’m use to. I’ve been training two or three times a day, six days a week,” he says. “It’s my first time fighting at 170 and getting to the lower weight class was something I was a little worried about the weight is coming off nicely and everything is going really well.”


As for why Wilson decided to move down in weight class, he says it was a struggle at times to get up to 185 pounds and was often smaller than his opponents. A chance to compete for a Fivestar Fight League championship belt was also a significant factor.

“I wasn’t cutting a lot of weight for 185 so I was a smaller guy at the weight class. I got an opportunity to fight for this belt. That was a pretty big motivation to move down.”

Wilson has been working on his conditioning, cardio, strength, and sparring. He’s also incorporated muay thai into his training. He credits coach Darren Robson for making a major difference in his preparation for his upcoming bout.

“It’s some of the best training I’ve ever had. I’ve noticed a ton of improvements and I’m really happy to have him.” 

At the Fivestar training facility Wilson is sometimes the target of some good natured ribbing. He was introduced at a fight as The Heartbreak Kid unexpectedly and the name has stuck ever since. Fivestar Owner Justin Donally says with a laugh, “It has nothing to do with the trail of broken hearts he’s left over the past 10 years,” to which Wilson offered a simple “no comment.”

General tickets are available at Fivestar Athletics, Hi-Performance Motor Sports, Marc Joseph and Trends Clothing, The Barber Shop, and MC Rehabilitation and Wellness.

General admission seats are $65.