Inconnu Swim Club members perform well at local swim meet

Emma Shipalesky in the 9-10 girls age group became the first Inconnu swimmer to ever take part in the 1,500 metre freestyle at a meet. She finished in 29:31.56. Ty Haugan in the boys 10 and under category broke a 14 year old record that was originally set by Philip Albu in the 800 metre freestyle with a time of 10:16.23. Brittany Welsh in the 13 and 14 year old girls group swam the 1,500 metre freestyle and finished in 19:38.94.

Coach Jason Brockman says the Inconnu athletes were joined by fellow swimmers from Peace River and Chetwynd. The meet gave those taking part the chance to show how far they’ve come in their training while seeing how they compared to swimmers from other areas.

“This was a regional swim meet within our area that Peace River and Chetwynd have come to. It allows the opportunity for those regional teams to come together, unify, and practice their skills that they’ve developed through the year,” he says. “We have 70 of our own athletes in this. A lot of the intermediate and novice athletes are in improving their skills and showing the improvements that they’ve made throughout the year.”

Athletes between the ages of six to seventeen were at the meet. Brockman adds that we was very happy with the times being posted by the swimmers as many were taking seconds off of their times in their given events.

“I’m very impressed with the results that we’re having. A lot of kids are having dramatic drops and showing a lot of improvement in their skills,” he explains. “That delayed gratification is showing. They’ve been patient, they’ve worked on their skills, they’ve exercised them daily and now it’s showing in their results.”

Below are the top Inconnu swimmers from age group at theĀ Inconnu Spring Splash Invitational Swim Meet:

Girls 8 and under

1. Zara Schwarz – 21 points

2. Frankie Woods – 20 points

Boys 8 and under

1. Owen Lang – 48 points

T2. Julien Kemp – 19 points

T2. Joshua DeBruyn – 19 points

Girls 9-10

1. Kiara Semeniuk – 47 points

2. Jordyn Forster – 37 points

3. Brooklyn Brown – 36 points

Boys 9-10

1. Kade Schwarz – 45 points

2. Ty Haugan – 38 points

3. Jordy Weber – 37 points

Girls 11-12

1. Jamie Jodoin – 45 points

2. Alexandria Hedges – 36 points

4. Sarah Webster – 33 points

Boys 11-12

2. Eric Louie – 42 points

3. Griffin Ternier-Smith – 38 points

6. Dylan Fitzpatrick – 24 points

Girls 13-14

2. Brittany Welsh – 36 points

3. Jayden Forster – 31 points

4. Sydney Fitzpatrick – 28 points

Boys 13-14

2. Blake Alberding-Berge – 38 points

3. Tate Haugan – 36 points

4. Luke Weber – 34 points

Girls 15 and over

1. Chelsea Kerr – 34 points

2. Kellee Lekavy – 30 points

3. Jenna Alberding-Berge 28 points

Boys 15 and over

2. Cale Murdock – 36 points

3. Luke Montgomery 32 points