Ministry approves school site acquisition charges for School District 60

Secretary Treasurer Doug Boyd says the letter from the Ministry was received on March 6 and that time is of the essence to put together a revised bylaw. The district has only a limited amount of time for a revision which was further hindered by spring break last month.

“We have from the date of the letter when it was given approval we have 60 days to do a bylaw. So if we’re working on that timeline going by the date of the letter and with our spring break in there we’re about three weeks behind,” he admits. “We’re hoping that we will have close to the end of this month a bylaw reading opportunity. We don’t want to give any reason for those 60 days not to be met. We have to go to each of the municipalities in regards to those charges and make sure that our information is accurate.”


The process is already underway as the district has begun discussions with Urban Systems as they are familiar with Fort St. John, Taylor and the Peace River Regional District.

Needing to be examined once again is the data of the growth and development of the areas where fees will be taking place. Land value will also need to be re-evaluated as that has increased significantly since the last submission by School District 60.

Costs will in part be calculated on whether it is single family dwelling versus other living situations. A firm figure on the fees will be determined when the new information has been gathered. The original figures stated that $5,100,000 needed to be raised and fees were pegged at $544 for a low density unit and $326 for those families living a high density unit.

School District 60 is intending on building two elementary schools, one in the northwest, and the other in the northeast part of Fort St. John. There are also plans for a new middle/secondary school in the northern area of Fort St. John. 

The District of Hudson’s Hope will be exempt from the charges given its distance from Fort St. John.