Morrison and Junio share their Olympic experience to students at Robert Ogilvie Elementary

Morrison told the students of his frustration that he felt in the Vancouver Olympics of 2010. He admitted that he didn’t have the best attitude at the time and wasn’t the best teammate and the consequences that had with his top individual finishing being ninth in the 1,500 metre race.

Students were shown the actual text messages between Morrison and Junio when Junio told him that he was letting Morrison take his place in the 1,000 meter race which was received with cheers by those in the audience. Morrison and Junio also demonstrated the benefits of their training by showing how high they could jump which left many in awe.


Robert Ogilvie Elementary Principal Kathy Scheck says the school followed the achievements of Morrison throughout the Olympics and he is someone the students look up to.

“We followed Denny and the Olympics quite closely and we talked about the courage and the sportsmanship that the Olympics especially through these two athletes brought to our country,” she says. “It’s a real inspiration to our students to have them here speaking to them about the whole process of the Olympics.”

She adds that it was good for the students to have Gilmore Junio in attendance as well as his actions were a prime example of what it means to be part of a team.

“The students have been really interested in the journey especially since Denny is from here but also because of Gilmore’s act of selflessness and team sportsmanship as well to allow his teammate to take his place,” Scheck explains. “The kids are extremely excited and we’re proud to have them here today.”

Morrison and Junio also spoke at Dr. Kearney Middle School this morning and will be visiting Duncan Cran Elementary this afternoon. 

Fans and friends will have another chance to see Morrison and Junio. The two will be at the Pomeroy Sport Centre this evening for a community celebration event from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Morrison is expected to say a few words to those in attendance and there will be chances for photos and autographs.