Robin Combs eager for another win in third career fight

She says she initially got involved by taking kickboxing and jiu jitsu five years ago and she was surprised when the topic of her competing in a fight was first brought up.

“I just started as a workout the morning cardio kickboxing class and I got a little aggressive and they invited me to the jiu jitsu class and it took off from there,” Combs says. “I thought it was a joke about having a fight but I thought it would be an interesting challenge.”


Combs says that she’s split her first two fights and is looking forward to getting back into the cage for her third bout.

“This will be my third fight. It’s a great challenge; it’s very mental. My first was great because I won my fight but my second was a great learning experience because I lost so you see a lot more in that so it will be interesting to see how this fight goes.”   

Combs admits those close to her wondered why she wanted to get involved in a sport as physical as mixed martial arts but adds they were supportive after she explained why she wanted to try stepping into the cage. 

“A lot of people were like ‘why would you do that?’ but they were pretty supportive,” she explains. “It seemed like a great challenge. It’s a safe place. There’s refs so you can tap out at any time.  

Combs likes to keep the fight on her fight but has been working on rounding out her ground skills and feels more comfortable than she did previously grappling on the mat. She’ll be facing Elysse Stevenson as she looks to improve her record to 2-1.