Spring Run-Off Advisories In Place

Among other things it notes, the PRRD has made available, Sand and Sand Bags, at the Charlie Lake Fire Hall. 

It is advising property and land owners to take a number of advance protection steps.


 These include checking basements regularly for seepage…the removal of snow from around homes…and making provisions to have water drain away from structural foundations.

Farmers are reminded to identify alternative locations to store equipment and livestock…to identify and secure any tanks or grain bins that could potentially float away during a flood….and to plan to turn off electricity to any building threatened by flood waters.

The local regional district is less than three years removed, from major flood damage, following more than 320 millimeters of rain recorded, at the local airport weather station, and more than that in the South Peace, during the months of June and July in 2011.

Nothing like that is expected in the next 24 hours, but local area motorists are advised to prepare for some possible deterioration in road conditions tonight and early tomorrow.

Environment Canada is calling for the possibility of rain showers mixed with snow flurries, as the overnight temperature drops to near zero…and it’s also worth noting, by Monday next week, there’s another spring run off forecast calling for double digit highs, on Monday and Tuesday.