27 couples take part in Fort St. John Links Couples Fun Tournament

They shot 37 on the front nine and closed out the round with 41 on their final nine holes.

Finishing second was Jan Jorven and Mark Shuster as they put together a round of 81. They registered a 41 on their first nine holes and 40 on the back nine.


Third was Ray and Koral Asai with their round of 84. 40 strokes made up their front nine and 44 on the back nine.

Below are the rest of the finishers from the Couples Fun Tournament:

4. Sheldon and Sandra Wheeler: 45+41=86

T5. Thayne Giroux and Maegan Biss: 44+44=88

T5. Gerald and Carol Pope: 43+45=88

7. Travis Hanson and Kim Asai: 45+44=89

8. Rick and Tammy Fudge: 44+46=90

T9. Kurt Cyr and Val Unruh: 42+49=91

T9. Chris Coates and Ellen Verbeek: 47+44=91

11. Sterling and Natalie Middleton: 50+42=92

T12. Glenn and Linda Harvey: 46+47=93

T12. Dallas Nesbeth and Dana Lloyd: 47+46=93

T14. Norm and Connie Chretien: 47+47=94

T14. Daryl and Randy Horst: 46+48=94

16. Blake and Deb Bowyer: 48+47=95

T17. Randy and Connie Haugan: 48+49=97

T17. Leroy Krueger and Colette Roy: 49+48=97

19. Todd and Anette Lang: 53+46=99

20. Russ and Cathy Wilkinson: 49+51=100

21. Darcy and Lisa Knickerbocker: 49+52=101

22. Ford Chapman and Sarah Faith: 48+54=102

23. Doug and Brenda Lindsay: 52+51=103

24. Dave and Carol Plemel: 52+52=104

25. Art and Pat Lang: 56+51=107

26. Bill and Kelly Snow: 53+58=111

The next tournament at Fort St. John Links will be the Father’s Day tournament on June 15.