One man found guilty; another set free in Dawson Creek murder

Ryan Beaulieu and his brother Clayton were both charged with second degree murder in the death of Wesley Gladue. 

The alleged lover’s triangle incident occurred at the apartment of Ryan Beaulieu and Justice Ronald McKinnon concluded he used a metal bar to strike the victim over the head, rendering him unconscious, before striking him several more times.


He also concluded Gladue was then taken into the bathroom and stabbed several times by both Beaulieu brothers, while he lay in the bathtub.

The body was eventually located in a cardboard box in a dumpster outside the apartment.

During his trial Ryan Beaulieu didn’t deny he caused severe injuries to the victim, but he argued it happened, due to an alcohol and cocaine binge, and that he lacked the intent for murder.

He apparently convinced the judge, because he was subsequently convicted of the lesser offence, of manslaughter and his brother was set free, after Justice Mckinnon rule, by the time he stabbed the victim, he was already dead.