BFE and Canadian Methanol to host public forum before moving forward with plant developments

Juergem Puetter, CEO of BFE and President of Canadian Methanol says BFE plans to build factories which take natural gas and produce any access waste energy into value- added commodities and export these fuels both nationally and internationally.

“We’re going to use renewable energy to make hydrogen by electrolysis to make renewable fuels,” Puetter said. “(We’ll use) natural gas to make both methanol for exports to China…and liquid fuels such as gasoline, both renewable and non renewable under the blue fuel site.”


The proposed site for the plant is near Chetwynd and is over 1000 acres of land. The site is already fully equipped with electrical power, a train rail and slacks. Puetter says the proposed plant will open high quality, value added jobs with long term stability.

BFE is a privately-held company that is developing several energy-related projects, including the production of value-added transportation fuels targeted at North American jurisdictions with a low-carbon fuel standard, including British Columbia.

BFE has rights to a 400-plus hectare site in northeastern BC, which enjoys access to requisite services and logistics, located in the core of the region’s world-scale renewable energy (wind, hydro) and natural gas resources.