Blizzards compete in second duathlon race

In the female division Sandra McDonald is in the lead with 10 points and Heather McCracken is second with 8 points.  In this evening’s race Sandra McDonald was the first person over the line with a time of 36:37 for the 2km run, 10km bike and 2km run. 
Bob Andrews was the first male and second overall with a time of 36:48, Gord Harris third with 37:40, followed by Calvin McCracken in 39:42, Heather McCracken, second female in 40:16, Dan Webster in 40:20, Kendra Young in 40:49, and Jolea Bilodeau in 42:47.
In the 1km run, 8km bike, 1km run event Tanner McCracken was first with a time of 31:04.