City accepts tender for phase one of storm sewer improvements

Director of Integrated Services Victor Shopland says the new pipe will begin at the Alaska Highway running towards the existing pipe at Tim Hortons.

“It will be an eight foot or two point four metre diameter pipe that will run from the cooley on the north side of the highway along the boulevard between the Alaska Highway and the Alaska frontage road in front of the Super Eight area over towards 96 A Street and there will be some that goes up 92 Street for a block as well as a portion of it towards Tim Hortons to tie in to the existing pipe that’s already there to help drainage in that area.”


He adds the this is the start of a multi phase project that hopes to alleviate the consequences of development in the area.

“We had a storm sewer master plan done last year and this is phase one of the proposed works that were identified in the study. With the amount of development that’s happened and the amount of green space that’s disappeared over the years, the water tends to go faster to those areas and we’ve had some flooding in that area over the last number of years so this will help address that.”

Phase two will focus on 92 A street and will be taken care of next year. After that phase three consists of working on north up to 93 Avenue.

As it pertains to potholes, rain over the past seven days put some delays in repairs however work has been done on 98 Street, 93 Avenue and 112 Avenue this week.