Duncan Cran Elementary wins environmental contest third year in a row

In addition, they’re also donating $1,000, which will be used to sponsor a three year old girl from World Vision and a contribution to Hope Air.

Manager of Educational Programs for Canadian Geographic, Ellen Curtis says it’s important to teach children about energy conservation at a young age.


“It’s got to be one of the most important things they can learn in school,” Curtis said. “Energy is hot topic in our country… and it’s really important we get in there early and get kids thinking about energy and figuring out what they can do and how they can interact with energy in a positive way.”

Topics the children are learning include the impact of oil, gas, cars, wind and phantom power to name a few.

Vice principal and science teacher at Duncan Cran Elementary, Christine Todd says these lessons don’t just stay inside the classroom.

“I’m proud of the kids because they not only do the activities and forget about it; they’re kind of living it and taking it to our communities, to their homes, and that’s really important” Todd said.

The children also adopted a “litter-less” lunch program, increased recycling and powered down electronics during school breaks and holidays.