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Fort St. John

Fort St. John Cadets hold 68th Annual Ceremonial Review


Captain Ken Lane is the Commanding Officer for the 2276 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadets. He says the officers are pleased with the efforts of the cadets and credits the community support for the cadet program being as successful as it is.

“All of us are extremely proud of all of the hard work and the accomplishments of our 67 cadets from this training year. They’ve done amazing work,” he states. “We’ve had great support from the community of Fort St. John as well. This program is well received in this community. Without that community support we wouldn’t have the program that we have today. We always have a huge thanks going out to the community and to the parents as well.”

Many of the cadets will now be off to summer training in parts of Ontario, British Columbia, and the Yukon. Local staff will be taking a break in July and August before starting another training year that will begin in September.

Inspector Pat Egan of the Fort St. John RCMP was also in attendance. He says the cadets set a prime example for youth in Fort St. John as they learn skills that will enhance their own futures.

“It’s a great honour to be here as the Reviewing Officer. I think we have a very fine organization here in Fort St. John. There’s very dedicated volunteers, parents, and in particular the cadet instructors,” he says. “As part of the community it’s quite something to see. They represent the youth and future of the community. There’s lots of good role modelling that goes on in the program. Basic life skills, skills that will help them become good citizens, and leaders in the community.”

Anyone interested in become a part of the 2276 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadets can do so by picking up an enrolment package at the Royal Canadian Legion in Fort St. John. Applicants must be 12 years of age. There is no cost to join the program as all the equipment and transportation is provided free of charge.

Below are the cadets who were recognized at the 68th Annual Ceremonial Review:

Top Green Star Plaque: LCpl. Mustafa Faisal

Top Red Star Plaque: Cpl. Emily McBride

Top Silver Star Plaque: MCpl. Aidan Isenbecker

Top Gold Star Plaque: Sgt. Taniesha Fisher

Airborne Association Top Fitness Trophy: Sgt. Steven Sadownik

Drill and Marksmanship Award Trophy: Cpl. Josh Gray

Top Cadet of the Year Trophy: WO. Donaven Titley

Lt. Brian Wallace Award for Excellence Trophy: CWO. Cheyenne Radcliffe

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence Trophy: WO. Donaven Titley

Lord Strathcona Medal: MCpl. Jesse Simons

Best Effort in Biathlon: Cpl. Ben Sharpe

Musician Trophy: MCpl. Parker Neumeier

Top Cadet in Optional Activities: MCpl. Jesse Simons

Most Improved Cadet: Sgt. Levi Fowler

Outstanding New Cadet: LCpl. Caylen Forest

Best Shot-Marksmanship Award Trophy: WO. Donaven Titley

Esprit de Corps Trophy: Cpl. Drew Budd and MCpl. Loretta Penner

Cadet Leadership Award Trophy: Sgt. Taniesha Fisher