Fort St. John SPCA host their first ‘Rescue me’ fundraiser

This was the first year the SPCA hosted the event and Branch Supervisor, Candace Buchambr says it couldn’t have been more successful.

“Everyone who associated with our lockup was very interested in doing it again, if we do it next year,” Buchambr said.

Buchambr also says the SPACA is always looking for new, innovate ideas for fundraisers and welcomes ideas though an e mail or phone call.


An example of a community minded fundraiser is ‘Reading for Cats’, an idea brought on by a local librarian. Children who are looking to strengthen their reading ability and comfort level join cats in the kennel, read to them and give the felines some much needed attention.

“For the animals, it relieves some of the day time stress; they’re more comfortable, they’re at ease, purring, sleeping and more adoptable,” Buchambr said. “Nobody wants to come in and see the poor kitten crying in the corner and chewing on a bar”

Of course for the children participating, Buchambr adds, the experience helps build confidence, as the cats are not judging their ability and are just appreciating the company.

If you would like to become more involved with the SPCA, call 250 785 7722 or email

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