Fort St. John students are big winners at the Canada Wide Science Fair

 The two attending highschool are Kyle Plamondon a grade 12 student at North Peace and Meagan Haugen-Koechl a grade 11 student who attends the Energetic Learning Cerntre and North Peace.

 Victoria Platzer a grade 8 student at Bert Bowes, Jesse Plamondon a grade 8 student at Bert Bowes and Kyra Taylor a grade 7 student at Upper Pine are the four middle school attendees.

 Kyle and Jesse Plamondon won bronze medals in their age category, Victoria Platzer won silver in her age category and Meagan Haugen-Koechl won gold.

In total, B.C. students brought home 117 medals.

Some of the projects include ‘Deciphering Recycling’, a smartphone app that educates people about the meaning of resin codes on plastic to help increase recycling participation; ‘Kinetic Advantage’, an innovation that looks at creating a cellphone case that preserves and enhances battery life; and ‘Sensing Beyond the Way’, a navigation device for the visually impaired which allows them to move independently while reducing the risk of injury