Great turnout for Bluey Day in support of local cancer patients

The money raised will be going towards the Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Fund. Money collected by the fund is used to acquire equipment that assists in the comfort, diagnosis, and treatment of local cancer patients. Each of the 42 participants also had to raise at least $500 in support of the campaign.

Executive Director of the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Ashley Bentley says whether people were having their heads shaved or just spectating, the community support for the cause was great.


“We had 42 people before today decide that they want to support cancer patients in our community that are going through chemotherapy and lost their hair,” she says. “They decided that they would support them and they would shave their heads as well and at the same time raise money for our hospital. It’s great to show that people are out here today watching them shave their heads and supporting them in their adventures. It’s a huge thing to shave your head and go bald.”

Since the first event in 1998, Bluey Day has raised over $1,000,000 for the cause with all of the funds staying in the community. A figure on the totals raised at this year’s event is expected later in the day.