North Peace Secondary boys rugby team off to great start

The team scored 14 tries and had 8 converts in the game. Coach Clayton Woodruff says the team has a lot of practices under their belt up to this point and a good core of returning players is a big reason for the squad’s success.

“We’ve got a lot of returning players this year and the returning players are pretty talented. We’ve been practicing indoors since February and Dawson doesn’t have that advantage. We’ve probably had 15 practices.”

He adds one of the benefits of having as many returning players as the team does is that they bring the rookies up to speed faster with the game.

“It’s easier with the new kids because they have somebody to watch and somebody on the field to help them get in the right place,” he explains. “When you’ve got a whole field of new guys they’re all out there confused. If you’ve got some returning experience there you can pair them up.”

The next game for the team is next week on May 7 against St. Joseph’s.