NPSS march to end violence against woman

There was also a strong emphasis on the important role males play in ending violence against females.

“When men get involved in the conversation about ending violence it makes a huge impact in reducing violence against woman in communities,” Clarice Eckford, Peace Project Coordinator said.


Esther Wenger, 17 is a NPSS student and youth adviser for the FSJ Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society. She says it’s important to understand violence against woman doesn’t just happen “in dark alleys” but is often perpetuated in domestic environments.

“When you think of yourself, people at a workplace or people in your family, it’s highly likely there are woman you know who have experienced physical or sexual violence… you just don’t know” Esther said.

Esther says the movement began in the U.S as the ‘Men Can Stop Rape’ campaign after victim blaming was identified as source of stigma. Daniel Vecchio, a former Principal at NPSS brought the movement to Fort St. John after his sister was murdered by her long-term partner .

The event wrapped up with a march to the FSJ Fire Hall before heading back for an outdoor barbeque.