Peace River Dam spills are unlikely in the coming months

Snow pack and runoff numbers do not suggest the Williston reservoir will reach its’ maximum level, says Community Relations spokesman, Bob Gammer.

“We would need several large rainfall events to put us in a situation where a spill may be considered but at this point the snow pack is just around 100 per cent,” Gammer said.


A short duration ice removal spill was completed at the Bennett Dam, on April 8th, to assist with the chute resurfacing project.

The repairs are set to be completed in two construction seasons each running from April to October and will involve concrete removal, expected to begin in June.

In addition, the preliminary design phase associated with upgrading the spillway gate system is underway and is expected to be completed in September.

Elsewhere, a similar Peace Canyon Dam project is also in the definition phase, with a December target date for completion.

However, gate system upgrade construction is not anticipated to start before August of next year.