Pimm apologizes for racist emails discovered by the Globe and Mail

“Mr. Bullock seems to be able to tell a great story but to this point I have not seen any delivery,” The Globe and Mail cites in an email Mr. Pimm wrote. “Here is an opportunity to actually muster up some support for our team but instead we will ignore it and go out and find some way to give the Indians more money which doesn’t get me one vote! I am very tired of this kind of nonsense.”

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) was quick to respond to these incendiary comments.


“We certainly hope this type of ‘Donald Sterling’ characterization of ‘Indians’ is not a shared view of the B.C. Liberal Caucus. To say that Indigenous Peoples do not vote and governments continue to ‘give Indians more money’ is not only inaccurate but fundamentally discriminatory and bigoted, President of the UBCIC, Grand Chief Stewart Phillips said. “The misinformation with respect to the place of Indigenous citizens in the province is exemplified in Pat Pimm’s comments and we sincerely hope that these sentimentalities are not shared among B.C. Liberal Caucus members.”

In a statement of apology from Mr Pimm, he says “I respect and admire not only First Nations cultures but also their ongoing contribution to British Columbia.”

“I deeply regret and apologize for my comments in regards to First Nations that appeared in the Globe and Mail today,” the statement goes on to read. “They were inappropriate and wrong, and do not in any way reflect the policy of our government, which has been working with First Nations to make sure B.C.’s First Nations are full participants in out economy.

Mr Pimm says he has worked with First Nations in the past “to build stronger economic and social partnership” and says he intends to continue working towards a partnership in the future.