Province makes more changes to the Agriculture Land Reserve

Bill 24, the Agriculture Land Commission Act, which was introduced in March, would divide the province into two separate zones, protecting farmland in major metropolitan areas, but giving farmers in other areas, like this one, more flexibility.

The new Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick says “If the local panel makes a determination that the chair believes is not in harmony with the purposes of the act, than the chair can pull that decision up to the executive committee who can then review the decision, and make another decision to either uphold it or change it.”


Nicholas Simons is the New Democrat’s Agriculture critic, and says his party will not support the legislation, with or without the aforementioned amendments.

“Bill 24 should never have been conceived. Bill 24 should never have been drafted. Bill 24 should never have been tabled. And Bill 24 should not be passed.”

He went on to say the law’s the worst he’s seen in the legislature, and it will now become even more important to protect B.C. farmland, in the face of climate change.