RCMP warns of scammer impersonating RCMP Officer

The RCMP Serious & Organized Crime Unit in Edmonton are investigating telephone calls where the caller identifies himself as a member of the RCMP, demanding the collection of unpaid taxes or fines.

“The scammers threaten jail time, legal action and use coercive language to scare potential victims into sending money,” the media release reads. “The RCMP does not contact individuals for the purpose of collecting fines or taxes and NEVER asks the public to make a payment over the telephone.”


During one recent call to an Edmonton man, the caller stated he was an RCMP Officer from Manitoba. The caller provided a badge number, phone number, and demanded money for unpaid taxes.

The RCMP recommends the following preventive measures:

• Never divulge personal/financial information to unknown callers

• If you are not convinced a caller is a police officer, contact your local police service or detachment to confirm their identity

• Consider a google search for any names or phone numbers provided, which often leads to known telephone scams previously reported online

The RCMP is advising to hang up immediately if you receive a call from someone alleging to be a police officer collecting fines or taxes, record the caller’s number and contact your local police and report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 888 495 8501 or www.antifraudcentre.ca.