Rotating strikes reach the Peace River North district

Talks between the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and the government continue today in Vancouver but negotiators aren’t commenting on what happened at the bargaining table yesterday.

Meantime, the two sides will meet tomorrow with the Labor Relations Board over the government’s lockout provisions.


There’s lots of confusion over the lockout provisions, among other things, they reportedly mean teachers can’t interact with students on breaks or over the lunch hour.

The meeting tomorrow will include talks about a 10 percent pay cut for teachers, but according to Education Minister Peter Fassbender, these provisions are the subject of “a campaign of misinformation”

“Number one, teachers can eat their lunches in their classrooms, in the school, in the staff room and so on,” says Fassbender. “Secondly, teachers who participate in school sanctioned, extra-curricular activities are covered by work safe, the same as they always have been.

Union representatives say the rotating strikes could be axed if there’s major progress at the bargaining table, but it’s also being reported the B.C Teachers’ Federation will extend these strikes into next week if negotiations hit another wall.

An announcement is expected to be made once today’s bargaining session concludes.