Taylor Fire Department investigating Monday Fire

It flared up again, periodically, during the night, largely because of where the fire was located, said Stebbing. “But it was all contained, and it just ended up burning itself out.” In this situation, because of the fire’s location, Stebbing said it was dangerous to send people in to mop up the hotspots. Once they ensured that the fire was not going to spread, they monitored it throughout the night, until it burned itself out.

Luckily, the Taylor Fire Department was able to contain the fire, and did not need to evacuate any of the nearby residents.

“If we weren’t able to contain it, then there would’ve been residents who would be at risk, but I felt pretty confident in our ability to contain it, and keep it away from the residences closest to it.”

Had an evacuation been necessary, Stebbing said that under the Fire Prevention and Life Safety by-law, the fire department has the ability to order evacuations on a tactical basis, “if the fire is coming, we need to get people out of individual houses.”

If it had become a bigger issue, such as a forest fire, Stebbing said they would have activated the District’s Emergency Plan, and asked Council to declare a state of local emergency, which enables them to order certain areas evacuated. 

With the fire out, the fire department’s investigators are taking a look to determine the cause. If necessary, they can call on the Ministry of Forests and the Office of the Fire Commissioner for assistance.