The City approves 2014 World Fair inside Centennial Park

Activity Coordinator, Ted Sloan says the organizers of the event are “a diverse group of young people in the community who have come together for the purpose of promoting cultural diversity.”

“The World Fair itself is much like a trade show of countries,” Sloan said. “It’s interactive, free and lots of fun.”


 The event will consist of 8-10 tents from countries across the world, each with their own educational programs, cultural displays, food from around the world and a variety of activities to celebrate the different cultures of our community.

 The event first ran in 2010 at the Lindo Theatre and again in 2013 at the Catholic Church.

 “I was at the event last year and it was wonderful’” Mayor Lori Ackerman said during this week’s council meeting.

 The event is planned to run Monday June 30th, between 3-6 pm.