The City of Fort St. John will move forward with a boundary expansion

The application is now pending the approval of ministry staff, at which point city staff will go over the rational of the proposal and the process that has been taken so far with the ministry.

“There are three options the ministry has; one they can just deny it, number two they can approve it subject to some changes…or three just give us the authority to move to the next step,” City Manager, Dianne Hunter said.


If the ministry does approve the boundary expansion, local residents will be given the chance to voice their concerns over the expansion. If more than 10 per cent of registered voters in Fort St. John come out against the expansion, the process would be put to a referendum. If less than 10 per cent are against the proposal, the City will turn the expansion application back over to the Province for final approval. 

The original boundary expansion called for the City to bring 181 properties into the community. Affected land owners voiced several concerns about the expansion and in the end the City moved to include only 11 properties.