The Fort St. John Curling Club kicks off the 4th Annual FSJ Energy Expo

Some of the topics of discussion included, project management, safety regulations and innovations within the industry.

President of Energy Service B.C., Dave Turchanski projected his company’s ability to be a part of contracted projects, whether it is building a lease, road, pipeline, new facility or even an environmental assessment.


“I hope we get a good response to people here, as far as Fort St. John is concerned, it’s a gas industry-based city,” Turchanski said. “I think we’re positioned very well for the next decade with the amount of LNG that is sitting underneath the ground in front of us.”

Dennis Vig, a representative for Trojan Safety Services in Fort St John was at the expo to educate the public about safety regulations and the company’s position in the market.

Their services include, industrial firefighting, H2S supervision and training, on-location first aid supervision and training and high angle training.

“This industry is at the point that safety is just a must,” Vig explained. “There’s so much going on in the industry now and there are so many people out there, without it there would be so many more injuries and deaths.”

Owner of Live Wire Automation, Jason Keizer showcased his company’s control integration automation system. He explained the ability to automate systems on any sector, from wellsites to gas plants. These systems include, building computer generated graphics of HMI sites, wireless IO and an exclusive control cabinet design and building.

If you missed today’s expo, The Fort St. John Curling Club is hosting more workshops, tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., a cost of $25.00 a person.