Week five spring league basketball results

In the Junior Division black defeated yellow 34-22. The top player for the black squad was Evan Bianchi and the player of the game for yellow was Mason Kyllo.

Green got past white by a score of 52-45. Kasey Small was the player of the game for green and getting the same recognition for white was Isaac Peterson.


Blue beat red 38-22. MacKenzie Beach was the top player for blue and Hunter Brown had a solid game for red.

In the Senior Girls Division Motive 7 were winners over Jiffy Lube 38-29. Frankie Alexander was recognized for her efforts for Motive 7 and Bucky Hedges was the top player for Jiffy Lube.

Sunlife beat D Bauer 32-17. The player of the game for D Bauer was Sam Archer.

In Senior Boys play Jiffy Lube edged Motive 7 52-46. Kim Paracuelles was the player of the game for Jiffy Lube and having a solid game for Motive 7 was Ezra Lainsbury.

Sunlife were 76-69 winners over D Bauer. Tegan Harder had a strong game for Sunlife and the top player for D Bauer was Ming Suwannachuen.