52nd Oilmen’s Golf Tournament comes to a close

General Manager of the Lakepoint Golf and Country Club Troy Knight says rain hindered the practice round but the other days of the tournament went smoothly. 

“It was a really good event; the weather was really good generally. The practice round was a little rainy, poor, and cold but we’ll give up the practice round for nice tournament days any year,” he states. “I think everyone had a good time. The golf course is in great shape. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a good time and I think that was accomplished.”


He adds the event gives players a change to mingle with other oilmen while supporting the community.

“It’s all about camaraderie, supporting the community, giving back to charity and all those things,” Knight says. “All the guys get together and have a good time all the while supporting Fort St. John and the area and they did a great job of that.” 

Below are the winners and consolation winners of the various divisions:

Championship flight: Winner – Kevin McNee – Consolation Winner – Spencer Gardner

First flight: Winner – Troy Dorie – Consolation Winner – Chris Harmon

Second flight: Winner – Len Holland – Consolation Winner – Scott MacKinnon

Third flight: Winner – Lonny Kutschinski – Consolation Winner – Tim Middleton

Fourth flight: Winner – Blaine Bjarnason – Consolation Winner – Ken Villeneuve

Fifth flight: Winner – Jamie McGee – Consolation Winner – Russell Parker

Sixth flight: Winner – Lex Neufeld – Consolation Winner – Tyler Levers

Seventh flight: Winner – Robert MacPhail – Consolation Winner – Gordon Simm

Eighth flight: Winner – Blair Myers – Consolation Winner – John Gairdner

Ninth flight: Winner – Dave Buziak – Consolation Winner – Larry Duncan

Tenth flight: Winner – Bernard Salinas – Consolation Winner – Aaron Craven

Eleventh flight: Winner – Ken Griffin – Consolation Winner – Ken Almond

Twelfth flight: Winner – Dennis Vig – Consolation Winner – Stephen Bennett

Thirteenth flight: Winner – Blair Wandler – Consolation Winner – Jerry Block

Fourteenth flight: Winner – Cliff Reimer – Consolation Winner – Jim Schilling

Fifteenth flight: Consolation Winner – Randy Fenton

Seventeenth flight: Winner – David Smith – Consolation Winner – Erwin Kraeleman

Eighteenth flight: Winner – Stephen Wile – Consolation Winner – Lane Gellings