B.C. Public School support staff reaches agreement with government

Beginning July 1st, the wage increases will cover a 5 year plan, aligning with the government’s Economic Stability Mandate, according to a report released by the Ministry of Education.

While the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, under provisions of the mandate, there’s the potential for additional wage increases in the final four years if the B.C. economy exceeds the annual forecasts, set by the Economic Forecast Council.


For example, if real GDP growth is 1 per cent above forecast GDP growth, then a 0.5 per cent wage increase would result beyond whatever wage increase has been negotiated in the contract, according to the report.

The wage increase covers about 34,000 support staff, most of whom are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

Education Minister, Peter Fassbender is congratulating negotiators on a job well done and praising those within the support sector.

“This is wonderful news for support workers and their families,” says Fassbender. “From educational assistants, who help children with special needs, to bus drivers, custodial staff and office administrators, our students would not flourish and our schools could not function without them.”