BCTF continues dispute while the government continues to save money

The union has also announced a third round for next week between Tuesday and Friday, with Greater Victoria being the only district affected on Tuesday and the other 59 over the next three days.

Teachers will also vote Monday and Tuesday next week on whether to replace rotating strikes with a full-scale walkout, and if approved, job action could begin as early as June 16th.


Their decision could be affected by a memo now posted on the internal BCTF website saying the strike fund is almost tapped out, but Mr. Iker doesn’t seem worried, but rather prepared to stay with the union’s bargaining course, arguing the concession ball is in the government court.

“We made some significant movements the other day,” Iker explains. “We’ve had two sessions since we made those movements and government come to the table through their employer representatives, sits there and does not bring any proposals.”

The union continues to blame the government for creating confusion with the partial lockout that docks teacher pay by 10 per cent during job action, but it’s a step that has now been cleared by the Labor Relations Board.

Meantime, the provincial government is saving millions of dollars during the labor dispute, and if the teachers move to full scale strike action, the government weekly saving would reportedly move to over $82,000,000.