BCTF officially enter full-scale strike

The President of the B.C. Teachers Federation, Jim Iker said this morning the Provincial government squandered an opportunity during the weekend to reach a settlement…

“There is no 24/7 bargaining as Peter Fassbender and Christy Clark promised,” says Iker. “Those comments last week and today are completely disingenuous, it was all talk. The government was unprepared, unwillingly and ultimately unhelpful. They brought nothing to the table, nothing to bring both sides closer together. The government, through BCPC actually reduced their wage offer.”


Unlike what had been stated earlier, at least suggested by the Education Minister and the Premier, Iker also says there was actually very little bargaining after the union presented its revamped offer Friday night and as a result a full scale strike is “imminent”.

“We made all of these proposals, reducing our wage proposal, a new fund for class size and composition and potential fix for retroactive grievances on Friday…The government did not respond fully until Sunday evening, almost a full 48 hours later,” Iker added.

As for the Education Minister, Peter Fassbender says he’s both disappointed and frustrated about the pending reality of a full scale strike.

“I had hope this might not happen, that escalating strike action would not take place, but the BCTF felt they had to do that, to as they put it, add additional pressure.” Fassbender said during a morning news show. “As you well know, I’ve said this consistently, felt the pressure since last June”