BCTF wants a mediator brought to the bargaining table

“B.C. teachers have moved significantly at the bargaining table to bring the two sides closer together, but we have not seen similar efforts from Christy Clark’s government,” BCTF President, Jim Iker said. “If Christy Clark agrees to mediation and allows government negotiators to come enter that process with a more open mind, we can get a deal.”

The BCTF’s framework for the settlement currently on the table is based on a 5 year term, which includes an 8 per cent salary increase and signing bonus, a no concessions agreement, a $225,000,000 annual workload fund, addressing issues of class size, compensation and staffing, and an additional $225,000,000 retroactive grievances fund over the life of the collective agreement, used to address other working conditions like preparation time and TTOC compensation improvements, as well as improvements to health benefits.


Fassbender says the combined $450,000,000 tax payer price tag is an unacceptable demand and also says once everything is calculated, the bill spikes into the billion dollar range.

“When we finally got the full response from the BCTF on Wednesday, and when we looked at the numbers they filled in the blanks that they didn’t have there before, it is unaffordable,” Fassbener said. “It is well in the $2,000,000,000 range, that is not affordable for the tax payers of British Columbia.”

As the 2 sides seem to drift further apart, Fassbender has yet to say yes or no to the prospects of a mediator.