Cars roar around the track at season opener at Taylor Speedway

In Saturday’s events Richard Hildebrand took first in the mini adults category. He was followed by Calvin Hildebrand and Jordie Hildebrand. In the Bombers class Kyle Chapelle finished in first place. Second went to Max Rivard and third was Dave Anderson. Reagan Krahn took the top spot in mini juniors. Second place was Chelsea Babcock and third was Camryn Beaumont. In the mini sprints senior class Kale McElderry was first, second was Kaden Beebe, and third place was Tyler McElderry.

Cody LeClerc was the top finisher in the mini sprints junior and second was Tyson LeClerc. In the mini sprints Camryn Beaumont was first and second was Devon Beebe. In the sports class Ron McNabb finished in first place, Darin Morin took second, and third went to Wayne Dahl. In the IMCA modified class Johnny Beaumont was first, second went to Doug Mitchell, third was Kervin McElderry and A.J. Everton was fourth.


As races continued Sunday Richard Hildebrand won in mini adults. Second was Jordie Hildebrand and third was Clint Mason. In mini juniors the winner was Reagan Krahn, Camryn Beaumont took second, and third went to Chelsea Babcock. Tyler McElderry was first in the mini sprints seniors class, second was Kale McElderry, and third was Kaden Beebe. Cody LeClerc took the win in the mini sprints junior group and second was Tyson LeClerc.

In the sports category Wayne Dahl was first, second was Aaron Tubbs, and third was Ron McNabb. In the IMCA modified races Roger Bonnville took the win. He was followed by Dennis Wurst, Kervin McElderry, and Johnny Beaumont respectively. 

The next event at the Taylor Speedway is the Father’s Day demo derby on Sunday.