Children look to new playground while escaping old life

The Chair for the Women’s Resource Centre, Sherry Marshall says the initiative would not be possible if it wasn’t for the overwhelming community support and generous donations.

“People are just very generous in Fort St. John, and in the heat of the moment, they are just there,” Marshall proudly explains. “…All of the sudden, boom, we’ve got big trucks coming in here dropping gravel, 23 people showing up and things are happening.”


Marshall says children are going through a major transition when they move into this complex with only their mother, and the new structures will create a positive environment for them to let go of frustrations and just be a kid.

While the former playground had only 1 structure, kids will now have 2 play centres, a new play house and teeter-totter to choose from.

“Unbelievable amount of volunteers have come out tonight to help us cut the grass, get the play centre set up, put together all the little toys that are being built for this playground,” says Marshall. “It’s really a dream I’ve had and I’m very glad it’s coming together.”

The next project in mind, according to Marshall, is a community garden where mothers and their children can contribute to the growth of strawberries, flowers or other fruit, something Marshall also says has a positive influence on everybody’s state of mind.

“We all know when you garden, it is almost like meditation and therapy,” explains Marshall. “Even for the children, if you have a strawberry box going and they feel like they’re creating something, that’s an outlet…I just think it would be fun for the moms and kids.”

The Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society provides a supportive and safe environment for women escaping abusive relationships.

The society promotes awareness regarding violence against women with rigorous campaigns and events as well as community workshops and information sessions, free of charge, on various issues pertinent to low-income residents.