City Council reconsiders budget for new micro-hydro project

There are three building component of the project; the turbine/generator unit, the building to house the unit and a new penstock capable of holding the pressure (the existing discharge pipe is not rated for this amount of pressure as it always free flowing).

The most recent plan was to connect the output power generated from the unit into the B.C. hydro power grid, producing approximately 800,000,000 watts an hour, totaling an approximate $79,200 of revenue per year.

“The engineers did a revised cost estimate that came in about $1,3,000,000 but this was after a lot more detailed design work was done as opposed to the initial design work done for the grant application,” The Minister of Finance said.

The city plans to reconsider the tender of this project at a later time, with an extended deadline of March 31, 2016