Dale Pedersen sets new track record at Northern Lights Raceway

Pedersen set the new speed and elapsed time records for the track at 6.494 seconds at 226.43 miles per hour. To make it official Pedersen was able to make a successful second run at nearly the same time and speed. He is a regular racer and a volunteer at Northern Lights Raceway.

Below are the results for Saturday and Sunday in their given categories:



Junior – Mikayla Fedderly. Runner up – Chase Liwiski

Pure street – Kevin Wiebe. Runner up – Mitchell Parker

No box – Andy Closkey. Runner up – Bobby Bailey

Box – Darrell Toews. Runner up – ┬áCody Liwiski

Bike/sled – Sean Stadley. Runner up – Sherry Fry


Junior – Mikayla Fedderly. Runner up – Devon Kowalski

Pure street – Ryan Varga. Runner up – Ben Rafter

No box – Bobby Bailey. Runner up – Warren Hillis

Box – Cody Liwiski. Runner up – Jason Miller

Bike/sled – Bruce Romak. Runner up – Dave Moore.

The next event for the Fort St. John Drag Racing Association will be held July 11-13.