Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce criticize changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program

President of the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce, Russ Beerling says their resolution calls for the program to reinstate changes that reflect its original grounds, but this time having it better regulated and policed.

“I would think the government should have been looking at what the unemployment rate is per region…Instead of saying ‘B.C. gets this, Alberta gets this, and Saskatchewan gets this.’  It doesn’t make any sense,” Beerling explained.  “Some regions within our province have bodies able to work…other regions like ours, where we’re industry driven, don’t have the luxury of having those people.”

The current changes include an increase in submission fees, a reduction of in the amount of time foreign workers are able to stay with the employer, and an increase of wage for temporary foreign workers, a rate of $21.79 an hour.

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