Funding supports prostate cancer patients to help better manage their care

“Battling the disease takes a tremendous toll on patients and their families,” Health Minister, Terry Lake said. “This program will help them access support and services that will help improve their quality of life and guide them through the process of managing their care.”

The Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program will include up to ten modules and once completed, will be distributed to centres throughout the province.


The goal is to support treatment decisions, improve quality of life, reduce cost per patient and improve long-term health outcomes.

“With more patients living longer, we now have a greater responsibility to help them and their families’ access services and information that will ensure they are living cancer-free for longer,” Founder of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF), Larry Goldenberg said.   

In April 2013, the Ministry of Health announced $5,000,000 to help develop research and health promotion that supports the well being of men and their families.

CMHF is a national, non-profit organization, with the mission of inspiring Canadian men to live healthier lives.

“70 per cent of men’s health problems can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles,” the press release added, “CMHF will create a new social awareness and motivate men and their families using health information and lifestyle programs in ways they can hear, absorb and act on.”