Hunter, Howell, and Haugan among winners at 2014 Fort St. John Triathlon

For short course competitor Patrick Howell it was the first time he entered into event and says it will help him prepare for other triathlons this season.

“It was pretty good; it was a warm up race for me for the season. I’ve been out of things for a bit but it was a really good start,” he explains. “It’s a nice flat course to check things out and get going. This summer I’m leaving in Dawson Creek so I looked up the local triathlons and know a couple people that came from Dawson Creek and decided to go for it.”


He adds his training schedule has been really busy as he prepares to take part in Olympic style triathlons later this year.

“It’s a recreational triathlon which is fantastic. It’s a really fun one for sure. I’ve been training about 18 times a week. I’m trying to really get into things competitively, I’ve been training a lot,” Howell says. “Next week is another warm up. I’ll be in Grande Prairie for the next Pomeroy one then I’ve got a couple down in the interior later in the summer the Olympic distance ones. 

Below are the top three finishers in each category. Full results can be seen by clicking here

Long Course:

1. Darin Hunter – 1:15:49

2. Irvin Tang – 1:18:11

3. Wayne Little – 1:22:21

Short Course:

1. Patrick Howell – 34:34

2. Tate Haugan – 37:56

3. Garnet Currie – 42:12


1. Nicki Haugan – 1:11:36

2. Dale Szoo – 1:23:23

3. Heather McCracken – 1:23:25 

Long Course Team:

1. Ryan Ross – 1:25:10

2. Dan Webster – 1:28:20

3. Kristine Bock – 2:16:37